Course of disease

Disease progression of dementia can be roughly divided into three stages. Early stage, middle stage and advanced dementia. The following graphic shows by brain scans the approximate running these stages and you can clearly see how the brain activity of these stages has continued to decline.

Early dementia 


  •     Losing orientation
  •     Difficulties with handling money and paying bills
  •     Repetition of questions
  •     The execution of routine tasks takes longer than usual
  •     Losing or mislaying objects in unusual places
  •     Change of personality and mood

Moderate dementia


  •     Increased memory loss and confusion
  •     Difficulties with recognizing family members and friends
  •     Inability to learn new things
  •     Unstable fine motor skills, observable at actions like writing, painting or dressing
  •     Difficulties with complex actions
  •     Hallucinations and paranoia
  •     Impulsive behaviour

 Advanced dementia


  •     Inability to recognize himself or family members
  •     Inability to communicate
  •     Weight loss
  •     Attacks
  •     infections of the dermis
  •     Difficulties with swallowing
  •     Moaning or grunting
  •     Losing control of bladder and bowel

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